Barahona, Dominican Republic.

Steve & Carol
Mon 25 Feb 2013 19:43
18:12.85N 71:05.25W
We looked at the weather forecast and decided that if we didn't leave to get around Cabo Beta the southern most part of the DR or we would have to wait till Thursday to move so at 2am we set sail, a reasonable easterly wind planning to get to the Beata channel at dawn however we made too good a time and it was still dark as we went between the mainland and the Isla Beata, once through the channel the wind increased and we were soon tacking in 25-30 knots and big lumpy seas which is how it continued for the rest of the morning, by early afternoon the wind was easing until we were left with just the big lumpy seas and little wind so we motored for the last couple of hours and arrived in Barahona just before 5pm. After cleaning the boat up and showering etc I was cooking supper when there was shouting outside and we were boarded by Immigration and another Marina de Guerra, the chap from immigration is returning at 8 am to take us to get our passports stamped and issue tourist cards etc and the Marina de Guerra looked around the boat rummaged through my bag, took the despachos from Cabo Rojo and asked for $20 (which he didn't get – mind you we haven't got our despachos to move on either so we’ll have to see if we can get one without paying - though the odds aren't good, we spoke on the radio to an Aussie boat who left here this morning and they paid up in the end). So far our opinion of the Dominican Republic isn't great and not speaking Spanish definitely doesn't help.
On the bright side there is meant to be a good market and supermarkets here and as our cupboards and fridge are nearly empty we are looking forward to getting some fresh provisions.
There still isn't any internet available on the boat (other than via sat phone) so I still can’t send the rest of the Ile A Vache updates and photos they will follow as soon as we have internet on the boat.