Steve & Carol
Mon 17 Feb 2020 21:08
We stayed in Salinas for just over a week, I have been having trouble with a tooth and decided it was time to see a dentist, on line I found one about a mile walk from the dinghy dock, he was closed on Thursdays so we went early Friday and after x raying he quickly decided I had 2 options - a referral to an Endodontist for assessment and root canal treatment or he could pull the tooth out 😱. I opted for the referral so called the clinic in Ponce to make an appointment when we got back to the boat - as I have had antibiotics already they wanted to see me ASAP and suggested later that day, which wasn’t possible due to lack of transport, we opted for first thing Monday morning and arranged to use a hire care some friends had got for the week, I had part 1 of treatment I need to return to Ponce in a week for Part 2 of the treatment, interestingly the Dentist who did it what’s app messaged me at 06.50 the following 2 mornings to see how I was doing and make sure things were going well and when on the second day I said that "I was virtually pain free" he said that knowledge made his day - what a nice man and not the sort of concern I have ever felt from a dentist in the UK! I am hoping it is covered by our medical insurance as Puerto Rico is part of America and therefore not cheap!
We spent the rest of our time in Salinas walking around exploring the town (not very exciting), shopping - equally unexciting, watching the Manatees and doing a little socialising. 
The roads are pretty awful with many potholes which are hard to avoid when driving! There are many mango trees mostly heavily laden with unripe mangos at the moment which is a shame - I remember when we were here in April 2012 I got a carrier bag full for $2.                                                           
Some trees have an identity crisis 🤣.            Horses roam free,
and Manatees are camera shy! We did spend time watching a mother and her baby when they came up side by side to breath - if only the water was clearer!