On route to Graciosa

Steve & Carol
Wed 29 Nov 2017 11:42
30:36.20N 014:33.64W
Winds as predicted for mass exodus from Porto Santo and Madeira. Seems almost everyone took the opportunity to leave for the Canaries, we had all been waiting long enough for some favourable wind. It wasn’t ideal as the forecast was for a beat all the way. So we left at 09.30 yesterday and at first the sea was pretty lumpy and a few waves found their way into the cockpit but as we got into deeper water the seas calmed and we made good progress. 160nm in the first 24hrs. We have about 100 more to go as I write this so an early morning arrival at the anchorage.
We are converging with the boats that left from Madeira and had a chat on the radio with one that we know from Portugal.
It will be a scramble for best spot at the anchorage tomorrow.
All well on board.