Day 7

Steve & Carol
Thu 4 Jan 2018 17:30
19:43.21N 33:43.32W
Well we have now been at sea for a week and are still making fast progress, we did take a reef out of the main yesterday evening and now are sailing with 3 reefs in genoa (the pole we have left is too small to have any more out) and 2 in the main. at 13.30 today we hade done 1096 miles since leaving and we now have a new 24 hour run record of 172 miles – at least I think its the most we have covered in 24 hours! Stephen who is sailing with us has now done his 1000 miles needed to be able to become a full member of the Ocean cruising club (OCC)and was happy to watch the trip log the event.
The meteor shower was a disappointment– we must be too far south and west to have got any of it and the moon was far too bright. When we spoke to the other 2 boats yesterday we were the farthest south and east, if we all carry on sailing as we are Windsong will get to Barbados ahead of us. We will probably get to meet Rick and Julie from Believe as they going to an OCC rally next year and our paths will probably cross then (all 3 boats are OCC members).
Nothing of much interest has happened very little signs of life except flying fish – some inevitable end up on the deck dead in the morning.