Preparing for Sandy!

Steve & Carol
Fri 26 Oct 2012 19:46
We had great weather and managed to get the bottom clean and painted as well as giving the topsides some TLC, we are pleased with our efforts although the gelcoat is very scarred and scratched from 30+ years of wear and tear.
Ready to go back in the water
However Sandy seems to now be heading our way so ...
m_hurricane center Friday
We are southwest of Tuesdays hurricane centre – although the
route Sandy is taking is changing all the time there are strong
winds and rain predicted here so it was time to prepare for the
storm and remove sails and as much from the top of the boat as
we can. We have left the mizzen on, wrapped up well with the
boom dropped and the solar panels are still up for now, we will
leave them as long as we can as we have no shore power (its all
110 volts here).
The main sail coming off
The front half of the boat is now full with 3 sails, a dinghy and lots more!
We hope that it doesn't get too windy here but at the moment they reckon we could get 50+ knots depending on where the hurricane tracks if we do we are as prepared as we can be and have the number of a local motel to go to!
The yard which was looking forward to a quiet Friday are now lifting out 14 boats today – all locally owned, there is a French family here waiting to be lifted out they have managed to get a slot first thing tomorrow morning so we will have company here.