Warderwick Wells, Bahamas

Steve & Carol
Thu 17 May 2012 19:11
24:22.14N 76:38.19W Malabar cays and reef, Warderick Wells
We snorkelled in the Thunderball cave and were mobbed by the fish who like the pigs are used to being fed by visitors, it was a great site with many different species of fish all in a relatively small area. After snorkelling we went ashore at Staniel Cay and wandered around the tiny town, managed to get some decent paper charts as the Navionics electronic ones are far from accurate here and C Map does not have good detail.
Yesterday we moved North to Warderick wells which is the centre of a land and sea park,we anchored off Malabar reef as the mooring buoys require you to go over a sand bar which and our draft is too deep to get over it, Yesterday we snorkelled on the Malabar reef and today we did a short walk ashore on Warderick wells  and snorkelled on one of the reefs and saw Lobster, rays, large grouper as well as many more, what is surprising is the number of lionfish we see every time we snorkel, they are not indigenous to the Caribbean coming from the Pacific and are breeding like mad with no predators here they are thriving, we saw 5 around one rock alone, you are encouraged to capture, kill and eat them outside the parks to try and slow down their invasion.