Off to Kastel to collect our new pump

Steve & Carol
Thu 4 Aug 2022 16:50
43:32.785N 016:23.707E
We had to backtrack a bit and headed to Kastel, we have arranged to meet Piers and his family here tomorrow when the new pump flies in with his sons. We sailed most of the way back towards the gap near Split - Steve chatted to Steve on Jack the lad who we noticed on AIS was only a couple of miles away was heading in the same direction as us, they were heading to Spinut though so we may see them at some point. We got to Kastel and anchored outside the strange little Kula Kastilac and had a peaceful evening. Piers and Suzanne arrived a while after us and called over before heading into the Marina to pick up some new batteries, drop off his friends and pick up their boys. We will see them tomorrow after the boys arrive. 
The following day we went ashore and went into Kula Kastilac - apparently it was used in a couple of scenes in Game of Thrones! It's a strange place, it was built by Benedictine nuns from the nunnery of St Rainerio between 1529 -1537. It originally had a defensive crenellation and wooden defensive walkway and was built to protect 17 families from the village of Kozice who built housed within the “Fort”, the Nunnery was in the middle on the south side and the fort was joined to land via a draw bridge. There was a press and olive mill on site as well. Now some of it looks derelict while some homes are neat and well cared for and a few have new roofs etc - maybe they got money from the filming which helped pay? 
From Kula Kastilac we walked to the marina to go to the chandlery - of course it's a Croatian national holiday today so it's shut, I really must look up future national holidays as we keep getting caught out! The large supermarket nearby was open so we got some bits in there - being a big store it had some items we haven’t seen for a while so we treated ourselves to some items such as halloumi 😃.
When we got back to the boat Piers was there - he had just left the marina as they had picked the boys up, sorted the batteries and found it far too hot and sticky to stay any longer, they were heading somewhere for a swim so we upped anchor and headed over with them, we both anchored on the other side of the bay and were soon in the water we had a beer with them to thank them for the safe delivery of our pump!
This little pump will hopefully make our watermaker happy again!
After a chat and swim they were keen to head off to the islands to find an anchorage and restaurant for the evening and we just sailed the short distance to Spinut and anchored with Adriana and Jack the lad for the night. We did an engine oil change when we got to the anchorage.