To Norfolk to Check in.

Steve & Carol
Thu 9 May 2024 12:30
36:50.6529N 076:17.98W
After a very good nights sleep we set of early and anchored at Norfolk, Steve called the office and was told there wasn’t anyone available there to check us in 😡😱, in the end the officer who was a supervisor did agree to meet us at the dock  and he would check us in! we launched the dinghy and headed to the dock soon 2 of the officers - both of whom Steve had spoken to yesterday arrived, they were very nice but explained that Puerto Rico hadn’t checked us into their system properly and it was causing the problem! Our cruising licence was valid though so at least they did something right! It just couldn’t be that easy to could it?  When they tried to check us in with their phone app it wouldn’t work so in the end one of them just took photos of our passports and told us that it was unfortunately a waste of our time going there! He would email a document that showed we had legally entered the USA later when he processed the passport information at their office (we did offer to go to the offie to get it done properly but they said we didn't need to!). We headed back to Innamorata - lifted the dinghy and were soon on our way north again. 
As promised the email arrived with Steve's evidence of admission and mine as an attachment - which of course we can't open as we don't have permission 🤔🙄. At lease one of us has proof we entered legally - I have asked for mine to be resent but am not holding my breath!