Mending the mainsail

Steve & Carol
Wed 25 Aug 2021 15:00
42:12.17N 008:47.772W 
The mornings are generally grey, foggy/misty and very still with little or no wind, luckily it wasn’t too damp on deck so after taking a good look at the mainsail Steve set my machine up on a work bench on the top of the saloon so that I could do a repair job on the 18 inch rip! I patched it up and will need to get the sail off at some point to patch some other areas which have tiny holes - for now I stuck sail repair material on these bits to reinforce as I wasn’t able sew them insitu.
Once mended the plan was to have a gentle sail to Baiona - the wind was filling (forecast of 7knots) however as we upped anchor the wind gradually picked up and by the time we were clear of the anchorage it was 19-20 knots from the direction we wanted to go so quick change of plan - sail across the Ria to what looked like it should be a sheltered anchorage. behind us there was a mass exodus from, the what was now a lea shore anchorage, as the winds picked up. We had a fast sail with just reefed Genoa to anchor in the lea of Isla Toralla - a private island with a really ugly tower block on it but it was lovely and sheltered from the sea while still keeping the wind generator topping up the batteries.  We were soon joined by Falkor and a couple of other boats.