Now also in Scandinavia

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 20 Jun 2021 14:40

The Mediterannean is completely infested by Megayachts and all industry around it. It´s a world not very much appreciated by true blue water cruisers but luckily they have been absent in Scandinavia-until now.

The phenomenon is now also spreading in Scandinavia and as such a sign of something much bigger. In this new globalised world where money replaced god an elite has developed sometimes referred to as “stinking rich”. They don´t earn their money from ordinary work but from business and/or the global financemarket. Being registered in one of all tax paradises on the planet many of them don´t contribute to society by paying tax.

I also have capital income from an inheritance placed on the financemarket. When working hard as a surgeon with highly taxed salary it often strikes me that inequality of today is not between high or low salary. It´s between them with or without capitalincome

In Sweden where the majority of our governments are leftwing equality is often a mantra but that means between ordinary people. High salaries from qualified work carries the highest incometax on the planet in this country ,but the globalised elite being “stinking rich” is never mentioned.

The message is clear “If you want to be really rich,don´t get a qualified education leading to high salary from a qualified job,but do business with advanced taxplanning and see too that you have capitalincome from the financemarket where the tax is much lower”. In a long perspective this cannot be good for a society depending on a qualified workforce. For the cruising society we  have to get used to see more of these megayachts in our favourite cruisinggrounds. A phenomenon probably not well seen by many of us.

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