Liza and Kazu

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 21 Oct 2009 07:57
Liza is a retired medical doctor from Sweden.She left Sweden on her yacht
2001,and has sailed singlehanded down to the South Pacific,reaching New
Zealand last year(she was in our "flock"last year but constantly a couple
of weeks after us).This year she returned from New Zealand to Fiji in July
and hit a reef with severe injuries on her yacht but no personal injuries.
The boat was badly damaged but was towed off the reef after a week and
repaired on the hard close to Nadi.The boat was robbed by local people but
worse,also by cruisers.One Kiwi cruiser took lot's of equipment among
ohters the autopilot and payed a shameful amount of money.Liza wants no
problems,and will not give the "Scandinavian family" the name of this
Kiwisailor.We are now together at Vuda Point Marina for cyclonestorage.
Kazu is a retired engineerer from Nippon Steel in Japan.He has spent a
long time on the ocean sailing for peace.He is now on his way back to
Japan,and learned to know Liza in New Zealand.