Anchored outside Kimikalki

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 10 Feb 2008 18:25
We left Curacao yacht Club 9/2,and anchored outside Kimikalki Marina.Tarita has
been polished,Bimini with solarcells installed,and the windgenerator hoisted in
the Mizzen.Our watergenerator works 1 hour every day and at the moment
everything seems to be working(probably the first and last time on this trip).
The days passes in a very relaxed manner,with a morning exercise swim,breakfast
and some small works on the yacht,combined with trips to Sarifundy's which is
the gathering place for all cruisers in area.It takes only 5 minutes with the
dinghy to go there,and there you can wash,connect with a free shuttle to the
supermarket,and have a coffee(or a beer at happy hour).