Yet another end

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 16 Oct 2016 21:26

So passage of the Mediterranean is at an end with Dora Mac in winterquarters. It has been all you can ask for with the Greek archipelago on top but with the Balearics as a positive surprise. Greece and the Balearics were cruised in spring and autumn respectively when temperatures are pleasant and it´s less crowded with the peak of touristseason passed.Allthough during high season and hot, Sicily was also a gem.

Favourites in Greece were the Chora of Foligandros,Naousa on northern top of Paros(a hidden secret only for the Greek) and the whole island of Milos.

Allthough during a hot period Trapani with the Egadic islands outside was a very charmy place.

The Balearics to me stood out for one place before getting there-Mallorca.

Mallorca still has a bad name from the times when deadly drunk Swedes came in with charterflights and colonised the island.

Today on the contrary Mallorca is fascion and it´s considered "cool" to have an apartment in Palma(imagine the prices). We only spent one night in Palma but felt it´s a bit pretentious and Ibiza is much more relaxed.Soller though is highly recommended.

Menorca is were the Spanish go to get away from from the touristindustry and Ciutadella was crowded with Spanish people having weekendhouses around.

The overall atmosphere in the Med is very sympathetic. Restaurants , caféterias ,and plazas are crowded with people until late in the evenings and you get the feeling it´s instead of a livingroom.

Wings of history are allways present. Cartagena means "New Carthago" and is known since 227 B.C!

It was the startingpoint for Hannibal and all his elephantarmy marching over the Alps towards the heart of Rome.

In Scandinavia you are proud to say "this city is known since 1100 A.C", not to mention the US where most cities are merely some hundred years old. No doubt the history of the Mediterranean has had an enormous impact on the whole history of man.

Dora Mac will stay afloat and we will back regularly. Early next year Randal will be back ! We will do some jobs together on the boat most notably change the GCF fuel polish system for a Racor system. I will also have to haul out to renew antifouling before next seasons heading out of the Med (or shall we head back east again....)



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