Returning to Galapagos

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 30 Mar 2008 17:53
After two days in Sweden with wintertemperatures it was time to revert to the tropics.The funeral for my father was a sort of blessing,with all family gathered together,and the church full with friends and old sailingfriends.Evert Taube was the choice of music and the lunch after was a sort of relief.The closest family gathered together afterwards the whole evening, which was good for all of us.
The day after I spent 16 hours in an airplane from Stockholm over Amsterdam,landing in Bonaire and Guyaquil before reaching Quito.
Bertha and the children came 8 hours later to the hotel in Quito,and the day after we flew to Puerto Ayora on the island of Sta Cruz in the Galapagos(neighbor island to San Cristobal where Tarita is).We went out in the forrest to whatch turtles,spent the night in a hotel,and took a boat the day after to San Cristobal and Tarita.The whole family was amazed by the heat here close to the equator,and everybody embarked on Tarita very unused to living on a boat in the tropics.

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