Bora-Bora-Overhyped/Overdeveloped, or "The pearl of the Pacific" 16:29S 151:45W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 26 Jul 2008 22:26
The passage from Raiatea was extremely comfortable,with hardly any
wind,powered by engine,and steered by aoutopilot/GPS.Allthough booring,it
makes us lazy sleeping and reading on deck.
Bora-Bora,by James Cook once named "The pearl of the Pacific",is by some
cruisers considered to be overhyped,overdeveloped and overpriced.
As in all human communities,among cruisers there is an attitude(quite
snobbish in our view)that you should avoid all the "touristic
islands",only go to remote places,and best of all is if you are by
yourself,living some sort of "Robinson Crusoe life".
Well,we don´t agree with this.It´s sometimes very nice to come to more
"civilized"places and enjoy all that it has to offer.We are here
now,currently moored at the Bora-Bora yacht club,and will try to enjoy our
10 days here before returning to Taha/Raiatea.The island seems to have a
lush beauty,and the plan is to go diving at Muri-Muri(outside the northern
reef)and then relocate to the southeast part of the island,for some lagoon
diving.We will revert with our impressions.