Tauranga and M/V Rena 37:40.251S 176:10.655E

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 16 Jan 2012 00:39
Sailing down the Bay of Plenty was initially a great joy with downwindsailing 15 kts,lot´s of penguins and a Makoshark swimming slowly on countercourse to Tarita.Around lunchtime it was time to contact Tauranga Coastguard for advise regarding M/V Rena(Rena became worldfamous when hitting Astrolab Reef SE of Tauranga October last year,creating one of NZ largest environmental catastrophies in modern time).Since Rena broke in two parts in a storm last week,lot´s of debris is floating freely,and most notably for mariners-containers!
The advise was to go 20Nm further offshore,rounding Mayor Island and from a waypoint east of Mayor Island head a true bearing towards Tauranga inlet of 205 degrees(free of debris according to airforce surveys).I had to follow the advise being singlehanded and not eager to hit a container at sea.That manouver delayed me several hours leading to a windshift to SW 20kts ,and a hard tack up to Tauranga,being to late for slackwater meaning I would get problems manouvering in  the marina with strong tidalstreams.Once rounding Mount Manganui and coming through the inlet there was an outgoing current of 3-4kts.Perkins had to work hard and I reached the marina before sunset,contacted on VHF,and Fred one of the marinastaff came out in a rib to lead me in and assist when landing in the marina(they have a big piece of soft rubber on the bow of their ribs to assist by pushing if problems when manouvering).
Tarita is now finally tied up safely in Tauranga Bridge Marina and all is well.There is some work to be done preparing for transport on the oceancarrier some time mid February,but if time will allow,I might hire a car and drive south some days.
I will revert with some thoughts on this last round in the South Pacific.