Hanöbukten "The Swedish Biscay" 56:05.50N 16:11.2 0E

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 29 Sep 2017 08:39
Being back in homewaters it`s easy to have a more relaxed attitude towards weather,seastate and other circumstances at sea.
The Baltic Sea has a bad reputation regarding seastate should the wrong circumstances play together at the same time and then creating steep waves with short periods.
Forecast yesterday before departure was winds from ESE 26-28kts which meant headwinds on the starboard beam. Coming out to sea just before sunset seastate was horrendous.Plowing slowly and rolling into steep headseas on the beam both Gabriel and me became seasick. Gabriel got a much more evil seasickness allthough prepared with Scopolamin (applied to late probably) and spent the whole evening and parts of the night throwing up over the rail. I assisted and couldn´t spend more than 5-10 mins inside before needing to get out. Fortunately Dora Mac took care of herself and all I did was to launch paravanes and have a check on the radar regularly.
Circumstances improved during the night and Gabriel fell asleep in the aft cabin (best place to sleep in heavy seasway)
At this writing moment we have come in from Hanöbukten (which is a a bay on the southeast coast of Sweden open to the whole southern Baltic and with a bad reputation) into the strait between Swedish mainland and Öland.
Circumstances are now much better and we estimate to make landfall in Borgholm slightly before 18.00hrs.

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