Flat Seas

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 13 Mar 2008 21:06
After a long day of bunker (food,water,propane,diesel) we left Balboa Yacht Club in darkness and headed out in the Bight of Panama.With 10-15
knots of wind from northeast we had a descent sail with wind from astern and rather calm seas.Las Perlas was passed to east of us,and day 2 at sea we hoisted our spinnacre and had a good days sail only powered by our spinnacre.In the evening the force of wind increased and we had quite a struggle to get it all down safely.Today (day 3 at sea),the wind died in the morning and we have been powered by Perkins the whole day.Our weatherforecast over satellite talks about calm varaible winds the forthcoming 5 days indicating that we have to prey to Perkins to stay alive,and that the diesel will last.
In the morning we 09.00(local time),we are connected to an HF/SSB-radionet,called the Pan-Pacific net.It´s a radionet (mainly americans)"keeping an eye" on all the cruisers in the area,helping with advise,weather etc.This morning one of the sailors between Isla Malpelo and Colombian mainland,was followed by a "fishing boat " for several hours,and got the advise "from the net" to call the us-.coast guard on an emergency frequency.Unfortunately we lost contact once he changed frequency.
Since we have had flat seas today,we have been able to take a bath and we´ve seen whales at several occassions rather close to the boat.SSB-contact with Karsten in Panama at 17.00 hrs gave the indication that we are now in the "doldrums"and have to count on weak winds all the way to Wreck Bay,San Cristobal.
I have to be there at March 22,to be able to catch the plane at March 23,and we do hope that we will get some more wind,and that Perkins/Diesel will last.
The plan is to revert to the blog in 3 days.