Farewell Trapani

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 28 Aug 2016 22:10
After more than a week in Trapani it was time to leave. New crew arrived to Palermo yesterday (Tell and girlfriend Dorothea) and they spent the day going with their rented car up to Erice.
I prepared Dora Mac for departure and we were ready to depart slightly before sunset. Jack (the captain of superyacht CarlaMaria who saved us with their big fenders from being crashed by superyacht Cygne) and our big marinahero Mauritzio came to say good bye. I think we will all remember what we went through together before midnight Monday August 22, being squeezed by a superyacht in heavy beamwinds ripping off Dora Mac`s aft steel pollard ,flying through the air, breaking the leg of one marina crew!?
VMV Mooring Trapani has been a very nice marina to stay in. Mauritzio helped us out through all his contacts to make a good repair of aft pollard and fortunately I had bought Awlgrip paint that we could use.
Thank you Mauritzio,Viky and Franscesco. Hope to see you on the seas Jack!

Heading north of the Egadic Islands we came out to open sea with quiet conditions. Stopping in the middle of the ocean for a bath the day after we continued to Carloforte and made landfall just after sunrise August 30.
Tying up alongside in Marina Sifredi Carloforte looks like a nice place.

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