Vladimir Ivankiv 59:59.397N 29:47.123E

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 2 Aug 2018 11:39
Vladimir Ivankiv is the representative for the Swedish Cruising Club (SXK) in Russia.
Assisting us as an agent at the border control and also helping with other cruising related issues, he has been of invaluable support to us here in Russia.
Being a sailor at heart and with immense experience from cruising in Russia and abroad there are no cruise related issues he can not deal with and payment for services are very reasonable.
Checking Dora Mac in at the Kronstadt border control is a tedious procedure especially with customs who will videofilm their search through your boat and might use a dog for drug search.
Also light opiate painkillers in the ships medical supply are strictly forbidden(might bring you to court for smuggling drugs) and fresh milk products as well as vegetables might be thrown away.
Nevertheles our checking in went fine well supervised by Vladimir and when leaving Kronstadt we had another three hours drive through dredged channels up to Krestovskij Marina in the Neva river of St Petersburgh. The intensity of traffic the last part up to St Petersburgh was almost surrealistic with hydrofoils passing close in full speed mixed with loads of jet skis jumping in the waves of passing ships. To our surprise there seems to be no speed limits nor on the bay of St Petersburgh and neither when coming in to St Petersburgh and on the Neva river......

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