Heading for Marquesas day 21 at sea 8:43.140S 136:06.884W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 5 May 2008 07:00
3 weeks in the ocean.The last days have been quite rough with winds around 20 knots from eastsoutheast,but above all,very uncomfortable seas.Tarita is rolling up to 40 degrees from port to starboard(imagine to cook in a kitchen that moves 40 degrees from left to right every 5 seconds).Today though it´s calmer and more comfortable,and we are only about 155 nautical miles from land (Ua-Huka) and 220 nautical miles from Nuku Hiva where we are heading.This day we saw lot´s of Pilot whales swimming and jumping around the boat for an hour which was very entertaining.
Bertha made fresh Tortillas yesterday,that we still enjoy,and Felix made peasoop and pancakes for dinner today
At the moment the children are watching a film,Bertha is sleeping,and Cpt Bligh himself is also soon going to bed(night watch at 03.00).
The strike that was launched a couple of days ago onboard has ceased,but since a laptop with film is more attractive for youngsters of today there has been no "cockpitdiscussion".
See you in Nuku Hiva.........