Mess on Kattegatt and a nice sunset

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 4 Aug 2012 17:04
Starting with a nice beamreach the wind died out in the afternoon,and Mr P
had to wake up.Later in the evening the wind picked up again but now from
the south(not predicted at all) and with a strenght of around 20kts Mr P
could not cope.Subsequently we decided to set sails but before having all
sails up again,Mr P started to run irregular and suddenly just died out.
I spent three hours rinsing the fuelsystem and changing both
fuelfilters.As usual after a filterchange priming of the fuelsystem and
bleeding fuel free of air to the atomizers is a bit tricky.Once ready Mr P
started nicely.Obviously we now belong to all Blue Water cruisers with
fungus in the fuel(allthough using Bajafilter and fungizides).
While working on the engine,the children kept on tacking south over
Kattegatt,but at 4 in the morning when Felix finished his nightwatch,the
wind was wearing southwest and Gabriel and me had a nice beamreach further
on to Helsingborg where we made landfall around lunchtime.

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