Back on track again

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 6 Aug 2009 23:57
The journey here took 40 hrs with 22 hrs in the air.The flight from London
with air New Zealand was full of "Kiwis" returning from visit in
Europe.The two ones I sat between were dreaming of moving to
Europe,allthough I told them lots of Swedes dream about New Zealand.The
travel agencies in Sweden are full of pictures from "Paradise" with blue
turqouise water,and white beaches with palmtrees.In Tahiti you find
travelagencies with pictures from mountains full of snow.I thought
"greener grassmeadows by the neighbour"was something from our part of the
world but it seems to be worldwide.
Tarita is in a reasonably good shape allthough very dirty and yesterday
was a hard cleaning day in tropic sunlight-puh!So far I have found
somethings have worn down but the major systems seems to be working.Martin
will bring some spareparts from Sweden(if time is with him),and I will
start polishworking today.Meanwhile people from the shipyard does the
bottomwork and Tarita is planned to be afloat August 10.Martin is coming
August 14,Thierry hopefully August 15,and the plan is to leave for
Bora-Bora around August 17-18.