Bay of Biscay day 3 at sea 48:16.831N 04:35.300W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 2 Aug 2017 18:08
The night passed in a manner close to perfection. With calm seas,a clear sky and a moon glimmering the only thing "disturbing" were the occasional breathing sounds from dolphins passing. Traffic again was scarce but when coming in to the coast of Brittany after lunch, we passed several fishingboats and ships from the French navy were surveilling incoming boats.
Landfall was made west of Raz du Sein (to avoid complications from heavy tide) and when coming closer to land we were boarded by a boarding unit from the French Coastguard.
They spent an hour onboard searching through Dora Mac and going through all ships documents including documents from nautical competence,ships radio license and VAT certificate.
In the end they were satisfied with all documentation allthough Dora Mac was bought from an American couple in Turkey by a Swedish citizen now sailing under British flag.
The only thing making them unhappy was a safe in the aft cabin that never has been used. Being locked I couldn`t find any keys for it to open for inspection.....
All of them were polite and professional.
Coming closer to land we were impressed by the beauty of the Brittany coastline and at 21.00hrs we were tied up in Port Vauban(2 hours ahead of E.T.A) in the very pittoresque Camaret sur Mer.
This was the third time I crossed the Bay of Biscay but certainly the best and the only time without galewinds. Dora Mac has behaved as expected from an oceangoing motortrawler delivering her crew in great comfort in a way you will not experience on a sailboat. There have been no problems with the boat or her systems what so ever and for the moment all earlier leakproblems are forgiven

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