Coolant on a long journey

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 28 Aug 2022 17:12
As part of springrefit I wanted to send coolont from our main engine for testing. Not finding any providers of this service in Sweden(oil is easier) I bought a testkit in the U.K.
One week after order I had not heard anything and contacted the company. It was soon to be delivered. Two weeks later nothing was heard  and after contact I was informed it was stuck in the tunnel under the English channel.
We needed to depart on our journey south but our very helpful harbourmaster in Stockholm promised to send it to homeadress Brantevik in south Sweden. The package never managed to reach us and once it arrived in Brantevik our helpful neighbour could not get it out without my ID.
After some weeks the package was sent back and the following journey for the coolanttest is to complicated to describe here.
Finally the harbourmaster in Stockholm got hold of it again and sent it to Mercedes family in Spain.
August 28 I had an answer from testing the coolant in the U.K. Results were ok,but it took five months !
Postal services all over the EU have been accused of deteriorating quality since deregulation of the market. Looking into the subject it´s obvious that services to countrysideareas have deteriorated (no profit),and it´s also obvious that trade with the U.K since Brexit have become more complicated and with longer deliverytimes.
I used to buy some yachtequipment online in the U.K (they do have some very good chandleries) , but armed with this experience I have to look elsewhere.

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