NZ weather for mariners

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 21 Jan 2012 22:30
During my two months here in NZ there has been plenty of rain and two
gales(40-45 kts of wind)passing by.Last ten days have been beautiful.I
understand from Kiwi people ,that weather here in NZ is variable and can
shift dramatically.Consequently the weather service for mariners is
excellent.NZ Metservice( provides all sorts of services
for mariners including an active weatherfaxservice (callsign ZKLF).From NZ
Coastguard there´s a continues VHF service with forecasts for mariners
running 24/7,and Taupo Maritime Radio provides an active SSB-service on
weather (and all sorts of other maritime issues).Famous Russel radio
(based on volonteers)provides VHF and SSB-services ,but the all NZ
"weather guru" Bob McDawitt must not be forgotten.By subscribing to his
e-mailservice of "Weathergrams" there´s a weekly weathergram arriving in
the ships e-mail concerning the weathersituation in the South Pacific and
with more local outlooks.If needed,Bob McDawitt can also provide tailored
forecasts for a reasonable fee.