My Father

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 6 Mar 2008 16:00
So right in the middle of everything,that happened that me and my wife have
discussed as one drawback of an adventure like this,my father suddenly died
while at sleep 85 years old.
Allthough he has lived such a good life in one of the best countries of the
world(and perhaps in the best time history ever saw),I of course wanted him to
be there "for ever".
It hurts to remember his eyes from our farewell at the airport saying "is this
the last time I see you",and it hurts to talk to our children having no good
explanations.Most of all the world feels more lonely now.
I have agreed with my sister and wife to continue our sailing,and I`m sure my
father would have wanted us to go on.
We are leaving for Galapagos the day after tomorrow,and I will fly home for
the funeral 23/3.