Raytheon R20X

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 19 Sep 2012 16:21
Our radar is more than 15 years old and is of course not produced anymore.It has never failed and allthough used quite seldom I would not go without a radar.Having a radar and know how to use it, will enhance safety onboard.We have used it on the North Sea in bad visibility and heavy traffic.Looking for squalls during nightime in the Pacific.Measuring the distance to coralreefs ahead(the radar will se the oceanwaves breaching on the coralreefs from a couple of nautical miles away).Correcting actual position when navigating the South Pacific,where the GPS is correct but the charts are very often wrong(several nautical miles sometimes).
From fellow cruisers and marine electricans,I have learned that Koden radars are very often favourites.

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