Just another beach?

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 9 Aug 2017 14:39

Coming down to this beach it looks like any other beach in Europe but it´s not.

This is Omaha Beach were allied forces (mainly American troops) landed early morning on June 6,1944.

Other allied forces landed also on other beaches (Sword,Utah,Juno and Gold) along the Normandie coastline but the German resistance was heaviest on Omaha beach causing heavy casualties for the Americans. This was the beginning of operation Overloard the largest amphibieoperation history ever saw and the beginning of the liberation of "Festung Europa"from Nazi tyranny.

Turning your view towards west and you will find the monument created by the French artist Anilore Banon 2004 as a monument of gratitude towards the soldiers sacrificing their lives on this beach.

It symbolizes The Wings of Hope,The Rise of Freedom and the Wings of Brotherhood. Allthough perhaps not looking very much to the world today this place is impressive to visit.


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