Heading for Marquesas day 14 at sea 8:09.462S 120:09:492W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 28 Apr 2008 13:43
So finally we saw signs of life.On our port side in bearing 220,we saw sails!In the SSB/Radionet at 01.15 GMT we learned to know that this was yacht "Sunshine" from USA.After the radionet we contacted each other on VHF.They were a family with a 12 year old daughter from Arizona,sailing a Norwegian 32ft Colin Archer.In our daily radionet there are yachts from USA,France,UK,New Zealand,Portugal,and ourselves from Sweden.It´s really an international cruiser family on their way to Marquesas.We do keep our Swedish style though.
Onboard Tarita we are organized according to Swedish manners.Since nowadays there´s quotation for female captains(also being the employer),Bertha took over command as soon as she came to Galapagos.I´m the ships trade union representative,allways in opposition.Anton is representing the ethic commité having opinions on everything.Felix is in charge of the equality commité and works for more influence for teenagers onboard.Carolina is part of the ships feministic movement and is constantly feeling supressed by her brothers.Gabriel is the representative for children rights onboard,and is now concerned about why there´s regulations on candys,computer games,and film.
Before every decision we have a meeting and votation.2 days ago we met to discuss wether to change our sailsetting.Today we finally reached an agreement not to change the sails since the wind changed back again.
Like Winston Churchill said:"Democracy is a bad way to rule,but it´s the best we have"