Two weeks in Drizzle

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 15 Dec 2011 08:04
Two weeks have passed since I arrived.Weeks filled with hard work as
usual.It took a week before Tarita was ready to relaunch and on the hard
at Dockland Five I did all the usual maintainance with help from Richard(a
very nice American married to Kiwi woman)who worked as a contractor.More
notably we did also a complete service and refit of the rigging with
Northland Spars.Coming up to Town Basin Marina last Friday was nice and I
have been here for a week now.Old compatriot Bernardo on S/Y Albertina is
also here,and on Lucia we were all Swedes in Sharon Petterssons(A Kiwi
woman who lived 14 years in Kalmar in Sweden and is now the representative
for the Swedish World Cruising Association) place drinking "Glogg".There
are some more jobs left on Tarita,most notably to lift and reseal the
grabrails on coachroof.The problem has been an eternal drizzle almost
since I arrived here.The weather for the moment reminds me of Scotland
with an all time drizzle hanging in the air,and with everything wet and
Nevertheless,forecast says improvement of weathersituation,and I will have
help from a Kiwi contractor (Dave) with the coachroof.Bertha and the
children will arrive Wednesday next week,and the plan then is to start
with sailing the Bay of Islands for christmas.
For any interested yachtie,I will revert with some thoughts from my
experiences regarding refit and boatwork in Whangarei/New Zeeland.There
are certainly some aspects on that topic.