Aspects on refit of yacht in New Zealand

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 19 Dec 2011 09:14
So after three weeks of work Tarita is nearly ready for the ocean.During
our stay here in Whangarei,several companys have been involved in the
refit of Tarita.
Friendship yachts did the teakdeck and sealing of toearil.Northland Spars
did all the rigging work,Waypoint Elektronics the repair of SSB
radio/autopilot,Pelle pettersson at Doyle sails did sails and several
other companys have also done some minor work(Connex saved my laptop after
a wateraccident).Alltogether there are a lot of proffessional workers
focused on overseas yachts in need of service after a long time at sea.No
doubt allmost everything can be done here.At the same time the season is
short and all companys need to earn money during this intense period.Many
companys are more than willing to do necessary and unnecessary jobs.If I
would have followed all advise regarding jobs considered to be "necessary"
for Tarita I could have spent more than half of her value here.Most
workers are proffessional and honest,allthough sometimes you will be
charged for "just coming and looking" at a potential work.
Some Kiwi people warned me for doing any refit/repair in Fiji.My
experience from jobs done in Fiji,is on the contrary,very positive.They
will not be up to the same capabilities as in N.Zealand,but can still do
lot's of jobs,and to a pricelevel much more competitive.In Vuda Point
Marina,I had some wooden work,electrical repairs done,all to a good
standard and very reasonable pricing.Vuda Point was also a very safe place
to stay during cyclone season.If no major repairs has to be done,Fiji is a
very attractive alternative.