Ampair Windgenerator

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 16 Sep 2012 07:27
Thinking that Tarita is such a beautiful yacht we didn´t want to destroy her exterior with a fixed installation of a windgenrator.In such case the Ampair is one of few alternatives.It´s a rugged piece of Blue Water gear and has never created any problems out of qualityperpective.
To convert it from watermode to windmode is a procedure that takes an hour,and with the time we thought this was quite a tedious procedure.Once hoisted in the mizzen it´s working fine,allthough not as efficient as some other fixed installations.We found out that we needed 20 knots of wind or more to be selfsufficient(including solarpanels).
Our solarpanels need a chargingregulator not to boil the batteries,but being in watermode(Aquair) this equipment must not be disconnected by a chargingregulator,in which case the generator will start spinning and create a mess with the propellerrope.Instead we connected a switch to be able to disconnect the windgenerator when leaving the boat and not wanting to overcharge the domestic batteries(not injuring the generator according to the company).
If you don´t want a fixed installation,and you need a chargingdevice during passages,this equipment is certainly recomended.

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