Landfall in PortoPetro, Mallorca

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 3 Sep 2016 14:12
After a comfortable 2 days passage from Sardinia we came in to Mallorca`s eastcoast and made landfall in PortoPetro just before dinner time. After some heavy beamseas departing Carloforte at midnight, the rest of our passage was very comfortable.
Just some hours before entering port our John Deere shifted rpm`s spontainously and when checking on the fuelsystem I found high readings on the Racor filter gauge. Shifting from Racor 1 filter to Racor 2 cured the problem but is an indication that we have contaminated fuel in the cruisetank and that the polishing of fuel through the Gulf Coast Polishing Filter to cruisetank is not working..............
Good to know what to spend time on the forthcoming days in PortoPetro

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