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South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 16 Feb 2019 14:07
Last time in Scotland the North Sea was enclosed in a low pressure with winds of stormforce.
Now being in Lofoten the whole islandgroup is enclosed in a deep low with winds of hurricaneforce gusting up to 80kts and waves on the Norwegian Sea up to 14mtrs !
With all aircrafts stuck on the ground,bridges closed and ferries tied up in port Lofoten is currently totally isolated. If the telephonenet goes down, all hospitalstaff will have to sleep in the hospital.
The actual gribfile from Predictwind clearly shows "the eye of the storm" just north of Lofoten (where winds are light) and the grey/black areas are winds of hurricaneforce.
Natives in Lofoten are used to rough weather in wintertime and soon all cod is coming in for breeding which will be the start of an intense fishing season. As in the rest of the world the fishermen up here have also noticed a change in weatherpattern. Extreme weather has become more frequent which is of course a cause for concern. If this is related to global warming or just a natural variation is heavily debated.
This will be the playgrounds for Dora Mac next season, but that will mainly be in summertime. The Norwegian Sea (which is northernmost part of the North Atlantic Ocean) is well known for it´s unstable weather all year long.allthough during the summerpart of the year,storms are much less frequent.
A short film from my mobile over the well protected bay where the hospital is located.

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