Kiel to Amsterdam

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 16 Sep 2007 08:59
After bunker of diesel and water we passed the gates out in the Elbe and the
North sea.With a tidalstream of 2,5 knots with us we made a speed over ground
of 8-9 knots.The weatherforecast for the next 24 hrs talkes of weak winds from
NW,and we decided to keep on in the inshore trafficzone NW of the North Frisian
In the night we proceeded under enginepower in weak variable winds,moonshine,
and fishing trawlers in the horizon.In the morning of September 24,the
shippingforecast warned of gale 7-8(Beaufort),and we decided to go inside
Vlieland(one of the North Frisian Islands).We reached the harbour of Vlieland
around 11 o´clock and met some Dutch sailors giving us the advise to keep on
with the tide to Ijselmeer.
Left Vlieland around 14.00hrs and reached the gates to Ijselmeer just before
dawn.It was a nice experience to pass along all the Dutch wellboyed channels
where you really have to up to date about the tide.
Anton left in the gate to meet some dutch friends and Tell and I kept on over
Ijselmeer,still in calm winds and moonshine,reaching Enkhuizen at midnight.Once
tied up in the marina we slept within 5 minutes.