Family arrived and Tarita ready

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 30 Jul 2010 04:23
Moored just below Sunset Bar at Vuda Point Marina,Tarita is ready for a
"third round" in the South Pacific.Vuda Point has been a good place for
storage on the hard in the cyclone belt of this part of the world.Two
cyclones have passed Vuda Point this season(Mick and Thomas),but with no
major injuries to any boats.Work can be performed at the marina by
contractors,and Baobab is the company performing major jobs.Their
reputation has been in doubt,but I have met cruisers who been both
critical,and very content.They did a minor wooden work on Tarita,and it
was of good quality,and not overpriced.
All marinastaff have been very kind,honest,and helpful.Thank you
Milika,Moe,Adam,Shan,Leo,and Felicio.