Report from passage to Malta

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 28 May 2016 03:14
Heading from Milos southwest to Cape Maleas and Kithira (80 Nm)was a pleasant experience.
Once rounding Kithira coming out on the Ionian Sea we encountered a force 6 (24-28kts) with headwinds and heavy seas. Dropping our speed down to 4,8kts, taking seas and spray over us,heavy traffic and a touch of seasickness,this was not a pleasant journey into the night.
Today on the other hand the wind dropped and we deployed the paravanes giving a much more comfortable ride.At the moment (03.00 in the night) Patrik and Tell are sleeping,speed is 6,7kts and there´s a strong moonshine glimmering in the sea.
We expect to make landfall late evening May 29