One of few nations

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 15 Aug 2020 16:15
Allthough an international ban on whalehunting by the international community through the International Whalehunting Comission 1986 Norway is still hunting whales.
Under objection to the internatonal ban the Norwegian government still support the hunt for minkewhales. The population of minkewhales is estimated to be over 100.000 animals and the Norwegian fishery directorate quote around 1000 animals each year for hunting.
This is considered sustainable and the hunt takes place between May-August each year allthough the quote is seldom reached. After WW-II there were 350 whalehunting ships but today they are down in slightly over 10. The meat is exported to Japan and Iceland and in some restaurants in northern Norway whalemeat is served. Opposition by environmentalists in Norway to the hunt exists but it´s not at all as agressive as it is in the neighbour country to the east and allthough supported by Norwegian authorities this industry seems to be dying out by itself.
I would not like to be part of killing these beautiful mammals of the sea but I would neither critisize Norwegian fishermen partly working as whalers. Whalehunting here in the north is described already in the Norse sagas from the time of the vikings.

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