Relief and sadness

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 1 Sep 2017 19:27

Coming "home" to the Baltic Sea is a relief but it also carries a sense of sadness. The 5000Nm trip from Finike in Turkey is soon reaching an end......

No doubt cruising the Mediterranean is fantastic with it´s ever present signs from cultures reaching thousands of years back in history and a sense of being were it all started (at least the western world).

This part starting in northern Spain has again been all you can ask for. Since arriving La Coruna we have travelled some thousand nautical miles and experienced the maritime part of middle Europe.

Out of a cruising perspective Brittany is really on top with it´s rugged coastline, prosperous marine life, and charmy villages hidden in small bays. As seen on the pictures farming combined with harvesting what the sea has to offer is still an important part of daily life in this part of France.

Memories from WW-II are also frequent and impressive along the Atlantic coast of France now being museums visited by the grandchildren of "generation war".

Omaha beach took our breath(If interested read about the Bedford Company and U.S rangers on Hook de Pointe)

Finally Dora Mac has proven to be a very comfortable and reliable ocean going motortrawler. She has come up with very few and minor problems and being sailor at heart I´m still surprised of the comfort you experience sitting inside the pilothouse also in more rough circumstances (nota bene, so far I have only experienced a force 7 with headwinds on passage to Almeria and sooner or later I will run into worse conditions )

I will be back in ten days and weather permitting head towards Simrishamn on the southcoast of Sweden (170Nm).Then there will be another 270Nm left to homeport which hopefully will be managed before October when weather deteriorates.



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