Heading for Reval day 2 at sea

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 8 Aug 2018 21:05
Leaving Krestovskij Marina in St Petersburgh we still had strong westerly winds of gale force.
Strong westerly winds against the Neva outflow current on the bight of St Petersburgh with a depth of only 4mtrs gives short steep waves which were troublesome for Dora Mac and slowing us down heading for Kronstadt.
Once in Kronstadt the clearing out procedure was easier than checking in, allthough customs were rough. On my question (into a translation machine from English to Russian) if we could stay a couple of hours to wait for the wind to settle, the answer was a prompt "no".
Heading out of the gates of Kronstadt was heavy for god old Dora Mac plowing through steep headseas taking spray all over and slowing us down to only 3knots.
During the night though the wind and seas settled and today has been a wonderful day at sea. Once again we managed to stop the boat and swim in open sea.
Just after sunset we approached Tallinn with the name Reval during the Swedish era and until occupied by the Russians during WW-II. Allthough free from the Russians since two decades the name has remained Tallinn ever since.

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