Return to Flushing

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 18 May 2012 17:10
Ryanair from Stockholm(Skavsta)06.50 to Eindhoven/Southern Netherlands,and
with a small Hertzcar waiting in the airport,it was an easy trip back to
Tarita in Ruijterhaven/Flushing.I have spent the week proceeding on my
"worklist" to get Tarita ready for the last Northsea/Baltic Sea trip back
to homeport Trosa(70 km south of Stockholm).All major things are now
ready,and the plan is to return all family June 11.Depending on the
weather, we will either take the "Standing Mastroute" to Amsterdam,or the
"North Sea Route" over Ijmuiden/Nordzeekanal to Amsterdam.From there we
will proceed over Markermeer/Ijselmeer(manmade freshwaterlakes) over
Wadenzee to the Frisian Islands and perhaps further to Cuxhaven or
Brunnsbuttel.In late June family is leaving and some "old men" will join
in for a weeks cruising.Wether proceeding over the German Bight(North Sea)
to Skagen in Denmark or through the Kielkanal into Southern Baltic all
depends on weather,how far we have reached etc.
In July we are all at home for working,and will return in August for a
final step through the Southern Baltic,expecting to reach Trosa sometime
late August..........