Good to see you again

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 1 Oct 2017 13:50

Passing this lighthouse on the picture means there´s another 20 minutes to homeport in Trosa. The name is "julaftons fyr" in Swedish, directly translated it would be "Christmas eve lighthouse".

Coming here means you will soon be home which in this case is an odd feeling. Last time we came home from overseas was 2012 and this time with Dora Mac is even more peculiar.

Our last passage from Borgholm was demanding again with quite strong winds and heavy seaway. Choosing to pass along the coastline in the outer archipelago instead of going out in open sea was a bad decision. Navigating in narrow straits,between loads of rocks and small islands in darkness is demanding and the Raymarine chartplotter is not up to the task. It takes to long time to identify lighthouse characters and scrolling around with the mouse for zooming in and out in heavy seaway is just to slow.Fortunately we had a handheld search light (the remote controlled stationary is to slow) for navigation marks identification and with all time full concentration we came out allright.

Now coming to an end, this last part along the Swedish eastcoast was the most demanding since leaving Finike in Turkey last spring.  


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