UraPukaPuka 35:13.000S,174:14.000E

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 30 Dec 2011 03:22
We spent a couple of days out in the Bay of Islands in Oteheio Bay on the
island of UraPukaPuka.Lot´s of yachts in the bay (christmas holydays),but
beautiful walking on the island with spectacular views over the ocean.
One morning dolphins visited the bay and swam around the yachts in the
outer bay.It´s only around 20 centigrades in the water,so apart from
morning bath and snorkeling in wetsuit we don´t spend a lot of time in the
water.Spearfishing is permitted,and catch of lobster as well so
Felix,Gabriel and I did an attempt the other day to catch some fish.Apart
from a shot at a large grouper in close range, we didn´t catch anything.
Yesterday a through from Tasman Sea came in over Northland with winds up
to 40Kts and heavy rain,so we are currently moored in Opua Marina waiting
for weather to approve(Saturday).
New years eve will be spent on the "Duke of Marlborough" in Russel bay,and
then perhaps some more days in the Bay before proceeding south to Great
Barrier Island and further to Hauraki Gulf and Auckland.