Hard work in a sauna

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 10 Aug 2009 09:11
Still being on the hard,days are passing with hard work in tropical
heat.Everything has to be cleaned,serviced or sometimes repaired.
Yesterday I had a meeting with Colin from the UK who is interested to crew
on the route from Tonga to Fiji(weather permitting).Weatherexperts of the
South Pacific agree on the fact that "El Nino" conditions are developing
in the area affecting the weather with more unpredictable winds and weaker
tradewinds.I have signed up for weekly weathergrams from one of the
gurus,Bob Mc Davitt from New Zealand.On request he will also create
tailored voyage forecasts.
On Thursday Martin is coming from Papeete,and Thierry is flying in from
New Caledonia.