Testing Para-Tech sea anchor system (link to video on YouTube)

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 6 Nov 2020 13:57
Heading out to sea again on Monday there was another galewarning for Tuesday and new alerts for a storm coming in on Thursday.
In the beginning of the week still no signs of herring and whales in the fjords but yesterday several humpback whales were observed in the fjords around Skjervöy (Kvaenangen).
All in all we decided to remain in Lofoten which now after last nights storm proved to be a wise decision.
The art to adapt and improvise is often practised in the military and so did we. Subsequently we decided to try out our sea anchor system which would be our chosen line of defense in a heavy storm on open seas.
Having managed two survival storms at sea on sailboats by heaving to and running downwinds on the bare rigging, managing a motortrawler in storm would be different.
I never tried a parachute anchor before and testing the Para-Tech system in 20kts of wind and relatively calm conditions could be a good investment for the future.
We decided to film the procedure with a GoPro camera and to whatch it,just follow the link below.


JPEG image