South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 20 Jun 2008 17:53
Gabriel finished his divingcourse here at Rangiroa inside the lagoon, 2days ago,and Bertha made her refreshdive.
Yesterday we all went for an oceandive outside the Avatorupass.The maximumdepth of the dive was 29 m,and with a visibility of no less than 40mtrs,the circumstances were perfect.
We entered the water in open ocean,and made a descent to the coralreefwall at 22mtrs.Once on the reef,we were surrounded by lots of greysharks and silvertipsharks.Allthough they came as close as 2mtrs away from us we never felt threatened.Continuing along the reef wall,the reef was literally alive with large schools of Jackfish,squirrelfish and as we understand,this was how coralreefs looked all over the world before pollution and global warming.A sea turtle at 28 mtrs let the children touch his shield,and when aiming for the surface through open ocean,we swam through a large school of Barracudas.
To dive the whole family together like this under these circumstances makes this one of the best dives I ever did in my life.It can best be summarized with a famous expression from "the big country in the weest"-Wow!