12 days in Tahiti,service/repairs/tourism

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 10 Jul 2008 00:43
We spent 12 days in the capital of Tahiti: Papeete. Most sailors come to this place for bunkring and for boat reparations. So we met our old sailing friends here: from Gaviota, Navigo, and our swedish friends from Blue marlin, Lindes Farm and Tilda.

We managed to repair several thngs on Tarita but also enjoy city life, markets, restaurants, bus transports and musseums.

Last sunday we hired a car and went around the island. We visited the Museé deTahiti et ses iles¨ and we got a good overview of the French Polinesia history. I was mostly amazed by the fact that, at difference to Latin America, the fusion between the french and the polynesian cultures has been, to my opinion, more friendly They have had wise kings of the Pomare dinasty. French Polynesia also had a batallion of soldiers supporting France during the II world war".

We also visited Paul Gaugin museum. This famous painter, described himself as ambiphatiic, having a salvage and a civilized personality on himself in part due to his french-peruan origin. He loved Tahiti and documented Tahiti life in his colorful paintings. Died alone and unhappy in the Marquesas iland of Hiva Oa.

All kind of surf sport is very popular inTahiti Surf, Body Surf, Kite bording etc.

Felix and Gabriel went themselves to Papara Beach. Since the Bus that supposed to taket them there never came, they hitch-iked there and once on the beach they learn to know some young people that lend their surfing planks to them.they even drive them back to the Marina.

Polynesian people are very friendly, they seem to be very happy and enjoy their lives. On sundays, the churchs (Catholic, evangelist, mormon and protestant) are full with people. Afterwards, families go to the beach or to the restaurants and eat lunch toether and enjoy beach life.

Now we are in Moorea, in a lovely beach surrounded by coral reef. In front there is a summer camp for polynesian children (Kolo) driven idealy by a french man called Dudu. They have catamarans, optimists, wind surfing, snorkeling etc. Children are very happy.