Remarks from Mediterranean passage part 1

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 4 Jun 2016 11:46
So another part of life is coming to an end. 2 months at home will pass like nothing (christmas every second week). Being out cruising slows the inevitable walk towards the ultimate end, down. For me it feels like an eternity since I left Sweden for Finike in Turkey.
Cruising the eastern Mediterranean has been all you can ask for. Compared to the Pacific circumstances are less demanding with a more predictable weather,much shorter passages,marine services in reach,and in Turkey loads of marinas along the coastline.
I like Greece more for it´s genuine and charmy villages spread among loads of islands in the Aegean Sea and with winds from ancient history present on every island (Homeros berried on Ios and so on....)
Being a sailor for as long as I can remember coming in to the world of motortrawlers is interesting. We have been owners of Dora Mac for a year by now and still know only a part of this complex boat. Compared to sailing you miss the sport of it, but on the other hand I´m surprised by he comfort onboard during a passage.
On a sailboat you are very much concerned about sailsetting,wind and weather,whilst onboard Dora Mac I´m much more concerned about all mechanical and electrical systems.
On our Scandinavian doubleender in the eighties the Walkerlog,Sestrel compass and Cassen Plath sextant hardly broke. What do you do onboard Dora Mac if the Raymarinesystem goes down , or the Comnav autopilots fail?
Nevertheless Dora Mac has behaved very well and I´m happy for learning to know her also on an oceanpassage. Looking forward to the next session she will now be at rest (under supervision) at the Royal Malta Yachtclub.

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