Sweden a conformist nation-contribution in the liberation of Europe

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Claes Brodin
Thu 10 Aug 2017 14:18

Trying to find objective truth in history is difficult and challenging not only because winner allways write history but also because strong forces often obstruct the search for objective truth.

No doubt the picture we have from the liberation of Europe is heavily influenced by American mediamachinery with Hollywood on top and allthough we should be grateful to allied soldiers landing the beaches of Normandie perhaps a more objective picture would also include the Russian efforts on the eastern front.

Swedens role in WW-II is rarely discussed in domestic media.In the beginning of the war when the Germans were winning many Swedes were pro german and Swedens official neutrality was in reality pro german(as long as they were winning)
German troops were allowed to transit to the Russian front on trains through Swedish territory and German freighters were escorted by the Swedish navy. German storage on Swedish territory was allowed until 1944.

Escaping soldiers from the resistancemovement in Norway were sent back to the hands of Gestapo(this happened in the beginning of the war and being a sensitive subject between our countries it´s not until now that a Norwegian book "Sverigesveket" has been published causing lot´s of attention in Norway but not in Sweden......)

On the whole Swedens role in WW-II is still a sensitive subject in Sweden and subsequently rarely officially discussed,another way of avoiding objective truth.

Sadly enough Swedens conformism has continued after the war. Having serious research in rasebiology in the thirties Sweden was the most ambitious leftwing/socialist state in the free western world when leftwing was the fashion in the seventies and today we have the worlds first feministic government.

The only Swedish contribution we found on Omaha Beach was a Bofors (Bofors is still a successful Swedish arms factory exporting weapons all over the world) antiaircraft gun manned by the Germans.



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